• Technology Recruitment Specialists

    As technology recruitment specialists we aim to provide our customers with access to the top candidates globally. We’re utilizing the latest tools to engage with the passive market to ensure that our clients have access to the most interesting candidates, not just those that are applying for current roles.


    We know you will love the experience and will be back to hire with us again. New clients will get their 2nd hire at a discounted price (20 % OFF the total recruitment cost!)



    Got a Seat to Fill?


    Any business owner worth their salt knows that the company workforce is their single most important asset. No workers = No company


    Looking to fill an essential role or find a replacement is known to be one of the most stressful positions for employers - especially when time pressure is on and the clock is ticking. 


    Are you wondering how to find the perfect candidate, and fast, without racking up huge expenses? This is where we come in


    Relax. We've got you covered.





    Our recruitment company cares deeply about finding the right people for the right role, meaning highly rated job satisfaction for employees and excellent staff retention rates for companies. You can trust us to take the stress out of sourcing and placing employees without the burden of huge financial outlay. 



    We Stand By Our Word


    Our aim is to successfully recruit the right match for your company. However, recruitment is a dynamic process and even with the best care taken possible, sometimes personal or company situations and circumstances change. So what do we do? We guarantee it.


    When the fit doesn't work out to be right, we offer guarantees to ensure that your company is never understaffed.



    For C-level assignments, we work on a retained (fixed-fee) basis. Clients meet step-up candidates with great potential as well as proven performers who’ve “been there, done that.” We provide complete references and retained searches include a full, one-year replacement guarantee. 


    We offer a hybrid service where we take on assignments on a 30-day exclusive basis for critical hires at the manager/lead individual contributor level. The fee is typically success-based and set at 20% of first year’s cash compensation. Includes a six-month replacement guarantee.


    Finally, we leverage the research, packaging and knowledge we have gained by working on retained and exclusive assignments to take on and run a specific hiring campaign for our clients, taking on a set number of jobs within a managed time frame. This is a tailor made model when the client ends up with a dedicated recruitment team running their hiring campaign.

    "Ivica showed himself to be proficient for our hiring project. Quite quickly he built a pipeline and generated a number of high caliber candidates in a short period. Very professional, engaged and aware of our needs."


    Paul, DTU Compute

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