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Landing top talent is one of today’s highest priorities for almost any business – especially startups and growth stage companies looking to nail that next stage of development. They understand the proven value and long-term return on investment of partnering with an executive search firm to attract “A-List” talent for key high-impact roles.

Automated talent acquisition options – including software, social networks, and those infinite job boards – can be helpful for commodity hires. But commodity type search techniques attract commodity candidates. To find true high-impact candidates you need to partner with a focused, high performance specialist that can provide proven process, unparalleled access and reliable results.



Successful Search Requires A True Partner


We’re career headhunters specialized in tech and digital passionate about what we do - building top-tier teams for growth companies at all stages. In the same way our clients develop products, our hands-on approach to search and selection is rigorous, yet agile. But at our core, we are connectors, making introductions that help propel careers and companies forward.


We help our partners meet their hiring needs, fill the gaps and avoid project delays. Our key factor as a headhunting business is that we focus on the quality (rather than quantity) for our clients and uniquely guarantee delivery on time. We are not interested in spamming our clients with irrelevant CV's, our focus is to prove quality by screening our candidates intensively, narrowing down only the best of the best for the position.




in the tech/digital ecosystem. Two out of three placements come through referrals from our own trusted sources


We take whatever time is necessary to understand and articulate your story and represent your brand



Only a well-planned search and talent approach proven to work in today’s marketplace can uncover the best candidates and bring them down the path to accepting your offer. Every search is different - every one unique - and we aim to create a very personal and customer service oriented experience. Our task is to identify, attract and evaluate best candidates - in recruitment industry, where quality of delivery can be hard to measure, we believe the excellence is recognizable.


We conduct sourcing and profiling of talent along with competitor & market based salary research, ensuring that the correct people are identified regardless of seniority or visibility.


We use a range of assessment services, behavioral profiling and psychometric tools, that can help you make the right selection decision. Verified assessments methods may consist of psychological tests, tests of expert knowledge and psychological interview. Based on the collected information, we give expert advice on how much the candidate meets the job requirements and organization culture.


For C-level assignments, we work on a retained (fixed-fee) basis. Clients meet step-up candidates with great potential as well as proven performers who’ve “been there, done that.” We provide complete references and retained searches include a full, one-year replacement guarantee.


We offer a hybrid service where we take on assignments on a 30-day exclusive basis for critical hires at the manager/lead individual contributor level. The fee is typically success-based and set at 20% of first year’s cash compensation. Includes a six-month replacement guarantee.


With an incentive for long-term hires, the Subscription Model is all about retention and spreads recruitment costs evenly over 18 months, at just 1% of the new hire's salary per month. If the successful candidate leaves your company before 18m are up, subscription payment ends there and then.

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