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    Landing top talent is one of today’s highest priorities for almost any business – especially startups and growth stage companies looking to nail that next stage of development. They understand the proven value and long-term ROI of partnering with an executive search firm to attract “A-List” talent for key high-impact roles. 



    Successful Search Requires A Sophisticated Process And True Partner 

    We are committed to delivering best-in-class recruitment and talent management services to Emerging Startups & High Growth Technology Companies. Companies that are World Class deserve world-class professional service providers. We strive for excellence and to earn the right to be your Strategic Talent Partner



    WHY US?

    Unrivaled Network in the tech/digital ecosystem. Two out of three placements come through referrals from our own trusted sources. 

    Personalized Attention We take whatever time is necessary to understand and articulate your story and represent your brand.




    offices in Tallinn, Estonia and Maintal, Germany


    highly trained, discipline specialist recruitment teams 


    to our exclusive talent pool of the very best experts in the industry

    Hiring The Best Is Your Most Important Task


    We are at the start of a computing revolution that will change how we live and conduct business - emerging digital technologies will shape our world, our enterprises and our lives in profound and unforeseen ways. Everything will Compute. Manufacturing will increasingly be enabled by 3D Printing, advanced Analytics and the Internet of Things. Machines that speak to us, and to each other. Artificial Intelligence promises to transform the nature of work by taking over many repetitive tasks, freeing humans to think broadly and creatively. Virtual Reality Gets Real. VR & AR technology is finally maturing, transforming consumer experiences and creating new opportunities for enterprises. 



    Your Success Is Our Priority


    Taking the time to really understand your recruitment needs and priorities, we adopt a partnership approach to help achieve your talent acquisition plans. We present the most relevant candidates for your needs, and our tailored solutions are aimed at adding value and contributing to your company’s future success.



    We Strive For Excellence


    We are always looking for new and talented people to join our team and dedicated to investing and developing them so they can unleash their future potential. You will have a clear career path ahead of you and will be encouraged to thrive. We care about your strong opinions and what you consider a dream career. We value diversity and strong minds.




    How many times have you heard about your dream job at your dream company only after it's been filled? Are you so focused on your current career that you don't have time to keep eyes on other perfect openings in the industry? 


    We believe that top performers often miss out on amazing career opportunities simply because they don't know about them. Join us, tell us exactly what your next career step looks like and we'll notify you when that perfect position for you comes along.



    our specialism: talent.

    We focus on our experience and expertise to achieve the best results. Our success-driven team works hard to keep up with the latest trends and innovations. We work around the globe and around the clock to match the right candidates to the right job.


    Our professionalism and integrity mean that we take the time to listen to your requirements and provide only the best people for your roles, aiming to find clients and candidates their perfect candidate or position. We strive to make most out of client & candidate feedback and the relationship we build with both is for the long term.


    Research & Talent Mapping We conduct sourcing and profiling of talent along with competitor & market based salary research, ensuring that the correct people are identified regardless of seniority or visibility.



    Retained Search For VP and C-level assignments, we work on a retained (fixed-fee) basis. Clients meet step-up candidates with great potential as well as proven performers who’ve “been there, done that.” We provide complete references and retained searches include a full, one-year replacement guarantee. 


    Exclusive Search We offer a hybrid service where we take on assignments on a 30-day exclusive basis typically for critical hires at the director/manager/lead level. The fee may have a modest initial retainer, but is more typically success-based and set at 20-25% of first year’s cash compensation. Includes a six-month replacement guarantee. 


    Contingency We also leverage the research, packaging and knowledge we have gained by working on retained and exclusive assignments with our clients to take on the individual contributor roles and work on them on a success based fee (typically 20%) with a 90-day replacement guarantee.


    As a technology recruitment specialist we're aware of how the need for technology skills has changed over time and continues to change today. We have shaped our specialist recruitment teams around the latest trends in the technology market to ensure that our clients have access to the specialist talent they need now and in the future. 

    • Robots, Drones & Autonomous Vehicles -Commercial/Industrial Robotics
    • Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning / Deep Learning
    • Automation — Information, Task, Process, Machine, Decision & Action
    • Big Data  - Apps, Infrastructure & Predictive Analytics
    • Nanotechnology - Computing, Medicine, Machines
    • Health Tech , Advanced Genomics, Bionics & Health Care Tech
    • 3D Printing  - Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping
    • Immersive  Media  —  VR  /  AR /  MR  / 360°
    • Human-Computer Interaction - Facial/Gesture Recognition, Bio metrics, Gaze Tracking
    • Internet of Things  / Sensors & Wearables
    • Edge   /  Fog  Computing
    • Smart Cities - Infrastructure & Transport
    • Cyber security incl. Adaptive Security  — Intelligence Detection, Remediation & Adaptation
    • Geo-spatial Tech — GIS, GPS, Mapping & Remote Sensing, Scanning, Navigation
    • Voice Assistants,  Interfaces,  Chat bots  &  Natural Language Processing



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    Let us know who you are trying to recruit by booking an appointment bellow. Our exclusive talent pool gives you access to the best emerging technology talent in the industry. 

    We can headhunt the very best in the market who won't be applying to your job ads.


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